Amusement Park Ride Double Flying

Amusement Park Ride Double Flying

The rotating amusement machine of Flying has an inclined axis and is driven by centrifugal force. The tourists can experience the excitement of the equipment in the inclined and rotary motions and then the rotary disk will move around gradually to be ascended and descended by the inclined-throwing seats, which is just like the tourists taking the parachute lingering in the sky. The tourists in seat can enjoy the freshness of being thrown to the sky thoroughly caused by gravity change. The products are applicable to different large and medium-sized amusement parks.

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Loading Capacity: 24Person

Rated Vlotage: 380V 50HZ

Rotate Speed:         8rmp

Power:                22kw(including lantem)

Turntable:         ø10m

Obiquity:                25degree

Occupied Area: ø14m

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