Ferris Wheels

  • 46m Ferris Wheel

    46m Ferris Wheel

    Product Descripton Ferris wheels are suitable for all age groups and all family members can ride on ferris wheel for sale to see the nice landscape from its height. The wheel also can be equipped...

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  • 50m Ferris Wheel

    50m Ferris Wheel

    Guohui, As a professional ferris wheel rides manufacturer & supplier, provide 50m Ferris wheel with two different structures- full truss structure and A shape support with spoke structure ,. We...

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  • 65m Ferris Wheel

    65m Ferris Wheel

    Guohui medium sized 65 meter full truss structure giant wheel is very popular amusement rides. This ride is the best buy for many amusement and theme parks. There are 36 gondolas for each set of...

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  • 88m Ferris Wheel

    88m Ferris Wheel

    The Ferris Wheel as a classic amusement park ride is very popular with tourists both adults and kids. Measuring 88 metres, the wheel moves slowly to pick up passengers. Board the carriage and hold...

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  • 20m Ferris Wheel

    20m Ferris Wheel

    Ferris Wheel,because of its giant volume, is usually considered as a landmark.AS a major product of our company,series of ferris wheel has been well designed and selled all over the world.20m...

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  • 30m Ferris Wheel

    30m Ferris Wheel

    30m ferris wheel is popular in a small size amusement park. It is amount to a ten-storey building.When reaching to the top,you will see all the scenery of the park.

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  • 42m Ferris Wheel

    42m Ferris Wheel

    Ferris Wheel is one of the most popular amusement rides and the most classic rides in the theme park. This is the 42m Ferris Wheel which is sold best in Ferris Wheel series.Guohui Mechanic also...

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  • Mini Ferris Wheel

    Mini Ferris Wheel

    Mini Ferris Wheel for sale! A Mini Ferris Wheel is very popular in amusement park, carnival, theme park, funfair, kids paradise. It consists of a rotating upright wheel with multiple...

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Guohui Mechanic brings here high quality ferris wheels: competitive in quality materials and high safety. Welcome to place orders for ferris wheels for sale with our factory - one of leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. The customized service is also available.