Mini Shuttle Cars With Good Protective Equipment

Mini Shuttle Cars With Good Protective Equipment

"Mini shuttle" is a new type of entertainment equipment which drives on the interchange track. It Composed of 16pcs electric cars with miscellaneous types and attractive appearance, which is appealing to children.

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Product Description

Mini shuttles, also called Kid's Climbing Cars ,known as vertical sports cars, are driven by each other in a synchronized manner, and travel along the track in a vertical track with modern signs. They are equipped with colorful lanterns, sounds and children's cartoon images. Let the children experience the feeling of turning over the mountains and the sky and space, enough to stimulate and no panic, to make people immersed in the environment, pleasing to the eye, and loved by children.


a.  Amusement   "Mini shuttle"  is made of  environmental, resistant to corrosion and stable material. It’s durable and firm.  b.  Amusement  "Mini shuttle"  is equipped with  exquisite workmanship, smooth surface, gorgeous color, pleasant music ;

c.  "Mini shuttle"  is difficult deformation faded.

d. The color and the appearance can be customized.

Technical Parameters



Running time

4 circles (2 min 30S) 



Track Voltage


Power supply


Total length of the track


Track height


Car / Passengers

16 cars / 30 children 

Total height


Installed power

12 KW   


立环跑车 (5)

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