Roller Coaster

  • Crazy Mouse Small Roller Coaster

    Crazy Mouse Small Roller Coaster

    Roller coaster is well-known as “the king of amusement rides” which is a vital sign of the amusement park. The Crazy Mouse roller coaster is a small scale ride with 280 meters of overall length...

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  • Spinning Coaster

    Spinning Coaster

    The Spining coaster is a newly designed amusement ride of roller coaster. The cars run independently in the track with the seats rotate by gravity which makes the the gliding process more...

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  • Kiddie spin pulley

    Kiddie spin pulley

    Kiddie spin pulley is a kind of spinning coaster.It consists of 5 cars and a track which the length can customized.Because of its small size,cartoon modelling,safty,it especially beseems the...

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  • Family Roller Coaster

    Family Roller Coaster

    Family roller coaster, like its name, is deeply favored by many families. Parents can enhance feeling with childrens when riding on a family roller coaster. This roller coaster is not too...

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  • Ecoaster


    ECOASTER is an alpine coaster designed as Start-Stop track without interruption ECOASTER can be operated throughout the year Jumps,spirals,and tunnels can be built into the track of much more...

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