Small Backyard Family Roller Coasters For Kids,Amusement Park Rides

Small Backyard Family Roller Coasters For Kids,Amusement Park Rides

Family roller coaster is also called parent-child roller coaster., the equipment is composed of track, stand column, driving system, braking system, pneumatic system, control system, and train, etc.

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Family roller coaster, which involves climbing , falling off and glide is suitable for kids and adults to ride together, it can be used for sightseeing to enjoy the beautiful scenery, and you can also feel the stimulation of the gravitational acceleration in the process of descent. There is totally one train for the equipment, including 8 carbons, 16 passengers can be seated, so relatives and friends can experience together.


(1) The seat is equipped with a pressure bar and a safety belt,the machine can only be activated if the seat is actually held.

 (2) The wheels ensure the cars don’t derail.
 (3) The operating table has manual and automatic device.

 (4) The device is secure and suitable.

Technical Parameters

Total Height


Track Length


Running Height


Rated Power

96 KW

Occupied Area


Loading   Capacity




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