Big Swing Hammer Amusement Park Equipment Manufacturers

Big Swing Hammer Amusement Park Equipment Manufacturers

Big pendulum is a large-scale amusement equipment, common in the major amusement parks. The big swing hammer is mainly composed of columns, swing arms and large turntables. It has four 12-meter columns and two motors in the top of columns. It can rotate 110° degree and 360° degree.Giant Pendulum ride is welcomed by adult, driving with great momentum and scientific structure, customers could feel dazzled and frightened when they ride in it!

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The big pendulum is a amusement park ride that combines entertainment and stimulation. It is thrilling to see the tourists swinging on the big pendulum with a high speed rotation. There are three types our factory manufactured, which are 23 and 30 seats with 110° swing and 23 seats with 360° swing. The 360° big pendulum is the lasted equipment we produced, and it is so popular with people in all of the world.


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Running Height:


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