Stimulating Ride Large Pendulum For Youth

Stimulating Ride Large Pendulum For Youth

The slender swing arm dragged with round turntable swings around the horizontal axis arm, just like a giant pendulum. At the same time, the turntable is in the rotation. The movement of passengers will be a compound one composed of rotation around the central axis and swinging along the arm, which is hammer exciting, safe and reliable.dazzled and frightened when they ride in it!

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Giant frisbee is a kind of take one part around the horizontal axis swing, and at the same time around the rotary center rotating amusement equipment, Rotary table with 23 seats, Passenger face out ring seat a circle,

Nowadays, pendulum rides are very popular rides in amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, and fairgrounds along with other swing rides, carousel rides, bumper cars, roller coaster rides, etc.

The pendulum rides are great draws of guests to your profitable amusement rides businesses.


Appliance Model:

Stationary Type

Total Height:


Running Height:


Rated Power:


Single side swing angle:

Loading Capacity:

Occupied Area:                  







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