General trouble-solving methods for turning horses

- Jul 07, 2017 -

Turning horse has been one of the most popular amusement items, the update of the horse is fast and fast, then the new type of rotating horse rides in the rotation of the fault how to solve it? What are the ways to solve it? Details are as follows:

Cannot start

1. Electric control cabinet and line fault. First, check whether the electric control cabinet works, check the electric cabinet power LED is not lit, light on the case of the power access to the electric control cabinet Line no problem, the LED is not lit first to check the power access to the electrical control cabinet line has no disconnection and short-circuit problems, if there is a reconnection or replacement of the line. No problem. Then open the electric control cabinet check the relay knife is closed, insurance has no fusing phenomenon, if there is closed and replaced. If the fault still exists, check the electric control cabinet access to the horse conduction ring line has no disconnection (the position of the conductive ring in the rotating horse in the column), conductive ring to the motor line has no disconnection, if there is a reconnection or replacement of the line. In addition, check the conductive ring and carbon brush contact with the part of the dust and bad contact, if you can use a screwdriver to press a few.

2. Motor failure. The electric control cabinet and the line all have no malfunction or the trouble elimination still can not start, must check is the motor malfunction, the belt of the motor pulley is removed, the electric control cabinet starts the boot button, then sees the motor has no work, if does not have the work is the motor damage, needs to replace.

Difficult to start

1. The bearing is too tight. The occurrence of such a fault generally occurs in the new turn of the horse situation, can be adjusted with a spanner, the tightness can be moderate, in addition to add lubricating oil effect is better.

2. Voltage instability or low. Many equipment start-up difficulties or start not because of voltage instability or too low, mainly due to the nearby voltage overload caused, this phenomenon in the summer is particularly obvious. Check the way is to press the electric control cabinet Start button to observe whether the voltmeter is normal. The solution is to replace the power cord with a larger square number or replace the line access point.

3. The triangle belt is loose. If the triangle belt is loosened, it can adjust the distance between the motor and the pulley or replace the new triangle belt of the same model.

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