How to operate a bumper car will make money

- Jul 07, 2017 -

Today's children like to go out to amusement park to play, so the holiday amusement park rides the project is very popular, but the amusement equipment project also many. The children don't even know what to play.

So children play equipment how to set up to attract customers-amusement park operating car how to attract customers is very exquisite.

Lots to be conspicuous: the scenic places in the playground, the places where the playground is large and the ticket office in the playground, and the popular amusement rides will also have a good effect.

Holiday rendering:

There are many holidays in China, basically every month. Now the world culture exchanges more and more close, many Western holidays in China is also very popular, here is not exist foreign said. During the holidays to do more to add more atmosphere.

such as Christmas on bumper cars with a hat, the car with a cartoon about Christmas,

Space reserved:

The operation of bumper cars to reserve a certain space, if the space is too small will affect the customer experience. Enough space will help children to play in recreational facilities not because of the excessive action caused by physical injury. In general, 10 bumper cars have 100 squares.

Learn to amuse oneself:

When there are no guests, the operator should learn to entertain themselves.

Don't care about the electricity, no electricity can charge. The music of the bumper car was tuned to a variety of rotating and colliding cars. Children are very easy to attract, others see bumper cars so fun, they will want to play.

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