Interactive amusement ride Space Travel or Skywalk

- Oct 07, 2017 -

Amusement rides are a staple in theme parks, amusement parks, carnivals, fairs, family entertainment centers and the like. In a typical amusement ride, a vehicle seats at least one passenger and moves in at least one direction. Often, the vehicle moves along a track or other pathway and its speed, direction of travel, acceleration and movement are predetermined by the ride manufacturer or operator. For example, in a roller coaster, a vehicle moves along a track. The track can include a number of hills, loops, curves and dips. The direction of travel is determined by the track layout. The speed and acceleration of the vehicle are determined by many factors, including the height of the lift hill, the affects of friction and wind resistance and the overall track layout. External devices, such as linear induction motors or linear synchronous motors are known in the art and may be used to accelerate the vehicle to a predetermined speed at a specific location on the track. In such an amusement ride, the passenger cannot control the speed, the acceleration, the movement or the direction of travel of the vehicle. These are all design features that are fixed at the time the ride is designed.

To enhance the ride experience, it would be advantageous to allow the passengers to control some aspect of the vehicle's speed, acceleration, movement or direction of travel.

Skywalk is an innovative amusement ride of overhead sightseeing vehicle type which reserves the proceeding function of push-bike but also adds the automatic driving function. When the tourists are exhausted, they can change to the automatic gear and the vehicle will go forward automatically.

At the same time, the tourists are allowed to select their favorite music by pushing buttons during traveling, like roaming in the sky with a clear mind and uplift spirit.

The tourists can rotate the vehicle with a 360。angle by steering wheel, enjoying the surrounding magnificent scenery. Also, the induction system is installed in the vehicle and when the latter vehicle catches up with the one in front, the front vehicle will change the foot gear to auto advance, resulting in unimpeded driving on holidays.


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