Introduction to Horse Carousel

- Jul 07, 2017 -

Turning horse is the abbreviation of merry-go-round. The rotating horse can rotate around the vertical spindle, and it can fluctuate up and down the amusement machinery. Belonging to the next transmission, design novel, unique mechanism, beautiful appearance. Add beautiful music, so that people in the play can be relaxed and happy. Also can experience the horses in the rotation the true feeling, therefore very by the broad masses of youth, children's welcome.

Turn horse equipment maintenance and maintenance:

1, every day after work or before work, to carefully check the fasteners are loose, the parts and welds are loose abnormal, the operation is abnormal sound, if there is abnormal situation should immediately stop, find out the reason, completely clear.

2, rolling bearings and gear pairs, monthly replenishment of butter, rolling bearings every day add lubricating oil.

3, the site and the entire equipment should be kept clean, if the glass fiber reinforced plastic products, can be used soft cotton yarn plus a little cleaning detergent, wipe the car after polishing wax.

4, the whole machine maintenance of the general half a year; to the main transmission part of the cleaning, oil change, replacement of vulnerable parts, etc. to the key parts to check whether the wear is serious, there are cracks, open welding and other abnormal phenomenon; Must be cleared.

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