The working principle of bumper car

- Jul 07, 2017 -

The power of the bumper car is also called the grid-type power supply: A power supply network, which is formed by a block conductor, is arranged on a large enough insulating plate, and the electrode of the adjacent conductive strips is opposite, each conductive strip is connected with the same end of the power source in the appropriate way. When an object is free to be active in a power supply network, a sliding contact group absorbs electrical energy or electrical signals from the power supply network.

This block power supply network can be applied directly to the bumper car in the amusement park. Using this kind of power supply method of the bumper car activity place, the ground does not need to spread the steel plate, may use the ordinary ground directly. The rules of the game of bumper cars are: Motorists strive for the fastest in the field to complete the circle, the way can be rampage, the opponent's car to open. When the time is up, the operator shuts the power off when the game is over. The speed of bumper cars is usually very slow, even collisions will not damage people and cars. The earliest bumper cars had emerged in the 1910.

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