To operate outdoor amusement park equipment selection venues to be cautious

- Jul 07, 2017 -

The first choice is based on the type of site. There are parks, playgrounds, plazas, tourist areas and temple fairs that can operate outdoor amusement park equipment. These venues are suitable for long-term fixed operation in addition to Temple fairs, parks and playgrounds are the preferred venues for operating amusement park equipment, so rents are generally higher, business projects are more intense competition, if there is a chance to rent such a site investment is relatively large, so to study more to reduce the risk of investment, one is to study the flow of people to play, then the fares, and then a choice of equipment are available to do. Places such as squares and tourist areas are faced with instability and seasonal constraints, so you should be prepared for your investment. In the Temple fair this kind of liquidity management site profit ratio is high, but each time must dismantle the equipment, therefore will be more tired, everybody may according to own situation to choose.

The second is based on the location of the site to choose. In the city center or more prosperous location of course is the first choice, but such venues are basically occupied by others, the price of the transfer is reasonable, do not hesitate; and if the venue is not too remote in the urban area is a better choice. The more famous tourist area is also a better choice, but there are seasonal restrictions.

The last is to choose according to the development situation of the site. Mature, well-equipped venues of course is the first choice, after all, the market has been formed, the flow of people more stable, investment risk almost zero. Now every year there will be a lot of new entertainment, such venues most likely to affect your judgment, investment risk is also greater, so in the choice must be cautious. Geographical location, infrastructure construction, publicity efforts, site rentals are within the scope of the investigation.

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