Turning Horses Note

- Jul 07, 2017 -

1, every day before running must do a good check, and do a good check record.

2, before the operation of the test machine not less than 2 times, to determine all normal, to boot business.

3. The main contents of daily security check are as follows:

(1), whether the fastening nut has loose or fall off;

(2), from the outside to observe whether there is deformation. Cracking。 Impairment;

(3), motor switch is sensitive and reliable.

(4) The action of the upper and lower parts of the horse is good;

(5), whether there is abnormal smell and sound;

(6) Whether the temperature rise of the motor is normal;

(7), the power line has no loosening, electrical indication is normal;

(8), rolling bearings and rolling bearings lubrication is good, temperature rise is normal, wear condition is exceeded

(9), the main welds have no crack, open seam and other abnormal situation;

(10), the joint bearing under the horse rod Shaft, the shaft joint part has the crack goods damage;

(11) Whether the fixed frame under the horse is abnormal;

4, at the entrance or other conspicuous place, the "passengers notice" to the attention;

5, before the boot management personnel must tell the passengers the attention matters;

6, this equipment is suitable for children and adults ride (under 10 years old children ride, need to have adult guardianship), each seat limit 1 people, strictly prohibit overloading;

7, equipment operating time can be adjusted by 0-30 minutes;

8, after all the passengers sit down, the party can press the Bell button to prompt passengers to pay attention to safety, observe and make sure there is no danger in the rear can press the Start button, the operation of passengers should not be free to sit, stand and dismount, so as not to cause accidents;

9, do not arbitrarily increase the fuse capacity;

10, during the start-up operation, the management personnel shall not be allowed to work without authorization.

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