What are the common problems in amusement equipment?

- Jul 07, 2017 -

1. Installation and connection is not qualified: the top hanging padlock shaft hardness is not enough, the central axis of the horizontal level of the vertical unqualified, welding unqualified, the motor support loosening serious, bolt connection loose, the car yard iron partial cracking and so on.

2. Lack of qualification information: Playground equipment operators are not qualified, no rules and regulations, security training, lifeguard duties, there is no contingency plan, no maintenance records.

3. Security protection is not perfect: playground equipment Import and export settings unreasonable, guardrail and platform design unqualified. Amusement equipment itself of the security staves failure, locking device failure, hanging axle without secondary insurance, reverse pawl shaft serious wear, seat without seat belts.

4. Electronic control system unreasonable: grounding resistance is large, small insulation resistance, no grounding protection, terminal rust, brush failure, control room no fire extinguishers and so on.

5. Power plant, mechanical transmission failure maintenance: Lifting belt serious wear, wire rope wear serious, metal structure corrosion serious, bearing outer ring as a walking wheel, drive device chain off, gear partial meshing, reducer lack of lubricating oil, hydraulic pressure is not enough, steering mechanism is not flexible, guide wheel breakage and so on.

6. People's facilities and operation is not standard: the seat surface cracking, seat loosening safe distance is not enough, electrode plate thickness is not enough, uneven.

7. Other: Water park in the Sham Shui Po, shallow waters have no quarantine signs. 2 side slides are used without obvious distinction.

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