42m Ferris Wheel To Belarus

- Mar 05, 2019 -

March 4, 2019 is an important day for the company's production  department. The 42m Ferris wheel sold to Belarus began loading. This set of Ferris Wheels is the first set of Ferris Wheels of Guohui Company in Belarus, so Guohui Company attaches great importance to this.

This set of Ferris Wheel is a truss structure preferred by customers. It is 42 meters high and has 24 cabins.

The company will confirm the installation time with customers as soon as possible and send experienced engineers to guide the installation work of customers.

We hope that the Ferris Wheel of Guohui Company will be set up in foreign countries as soon as possible, so that the products of Guohui Company will bring cheerful experience to international customers.

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