About Ferris Wheel

- May 28, 2018 -

In different amusement parks throughout the world, the Ferris wheel remains to be one of the most popular. Every day, thousands of people enjoy the rush and excitement of riding a Ferris wheel.

There are probably thousands of Ferris wheel rides all over the world in various amusement parks. They vary in many different ways such as the method of operation, size and height. One of the most popular ones is the the London Eye which is considered the tallest in the Western world. It is 135 meters in height and has been operated since 2000. Another popular Ferris wheel is the one located in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China. The Star of Nanchang Ferris wheel is 160 meters in height and has been in the market since 2006.


Since the beginning of the invention of Ferris wheel, several problems and issues have been associated with it. There have been many cases of deaths, injuries, disabilities and psychological trauma due to the malfunctions and accidents that have occurred with some Ferris wheels. Although technical issues are the main reasons for the said occurrences, there were some cases where negligence has been considered as the nature of the incident.


In order to prevent technical-related issues, builders have worked hard to make the Ferris wheel a safer ride. Durable materials and cable wires have been used to protect riders from any accident. When it comes to issues regarding negligence, operators of Ferris wheel rides do their best to show the importance of using safety gears during the ride such as the use of seat belts.

You can surely enjoy a Ferris wheel ride by visiting a good amusement center. However, you should remember to prioritize your safety by following the instructions.

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