Activities Regarding Amusement Equipment Safety Hidden Danger In The Country

- Oct 27, 2017 -

To ensure the safety of people's lives, for the party's 19 major success and create a good atmosphere for playground safety, implementation of AQSIQ and large pleasure facilities safety troubleshooting and governance programmes, recreational long-term safety mechanism established in the industry, China Association of amusement parks initiative national recreation equipment manufacturing, Amusement equipment use in March 2017 to December, phased, systematic amusement equipment troubleshooting, management:

First, Increased playground safety awareness, clear meaning of amusement equipment troubleshooting, management. Cornerstone of the healthy development of China's amusement industry is to play safe. Recreation equipment manufacturing unit, using the units in red the awareness, adhere to the security line at the same time, ensure playground equipment troubleshooting, solid no dead ends.

Second, the Implementation of security responsibility, develop and implement troubleshooting measures. Work units to a person responsible for troubleshooting, according to the China Association of amusement on playground equipment troubleshooting, implementation of the work programme, item-by-item implementation of self-examination and self-correction, elimination of playground equipment safety.

1. manufacturing units to implement ' responsibility to safeguard the quality and safety of the product. According to product features, optimized amusement equipment design, improving product safety and reliability, organizational strength to troubleshoot the equipment return.

2. the use of implementation to ensure rides safety responsibilities. In accordance with laws and regulations, and to use the recreational facilities registration, establishment and effective implementation of safety management systems and procedures, strengthening personnel training and certificates, the establishment and improvement of equipment files, schedule inspections, regular maintenance and periodic inspection. Serious self-examination, list the list of issues, establish the hidden account, corrective action one by one. When there is a serious accident, safety cannot be guaranteed, you should stop using the relevant facilities, and timely reporting.

Third, the Security Troubleshooting, management mechanism. All enterprises and conscientiously sum up the experience in troubleshooting, management, establish regular and systematic troubleshooting, management mechanism. Meanwhile, our Association will organize recreation equipment manufacture and use of each Member unit, reach a self-discipline Convention according to laws and regulations, improve security capacity and management level of industry-related companies, reduce and even eliminate playground equipment accidents occurred, to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

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