Automatic Control Aircraft Amusement Equipment Bearing Damage What Are The Treatment Methods

- Jul 07, 2017 -

Control aircraft bearing damage is not obvious

If the control aircraft's bearing damage is not too obvious, we can properly use the welding process for effective processing, so that can successfully solve the automatic control aircraft bearing damage phenomenon.

Self-control aircraft amusement equipment

Self-control aircraft bearing damage evident

For automatic aircraft, if the bearing damage is obvious, then the day-to-day operation is a big hidden danger, we must first clear the damaged parts of the control aircraft, and then in the reasonable repair work.

Control aircraft bearing damage serious

Children's automatic control aircraft in the inspection if the damage is found to be more serious, then it is necessary to replace in a timely manner, compared to the occurrence of accidents.

The above is Jinshan play Xiao Bian said the automatic control aircraft bearing damage how to handle, bearing is a very important part of the operation of equipment, we must be careful in the use of maintenance, so as to effectively increase the life of the automatic control aircraft.

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