Brief Introduction Of Ferris Wheel

- Dec 05, 2017 -

Ferris wheel is one of the most necessary amusement rides and one of the most classic rides  on the playground. Passengers in the cabins are slowly raised and lowered, viewing different scenery at different heights, and overlooking on the urban landscape at the peak. Today young people also generally consider ferris wheel as the best place for them to express their love.


Characteristics of ferris wheel:

1.Ferris Wheel manufactured by Guohui mechanic, with superior performance,novel modelling, luxuriant and charming lights decoration, gentle and wonderful background music, cartoon type cockpit, set off a picture of a happy scene of sweet romance.

2, The ferris wheel can meet people's need of overlooking the surrounding scenery.People although can't browse to the whole city,  also can watch the whole park and square. At the same time, we can have good communication with each other.


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