Children Amusement Area In Yixianhu Park Will Be Open For Free

- Jan 29, 2018 -

In addition to setting up three sets of lanterns, the park's children amusement area will also be open for free before the Spring Festival. At present, all amusement rides in the children's amusement area have been installed and are only waiting for acceptance.


The children amusement area is located on the north side of Yixianhu Park. In addition to retain the original trees, some flowering trees are planted and many children's rides are installed. These include large pirate ships, large slides, climbing facilities, children's rocking horses, seesaws , Swing and so on. In addition, video monitoring system was set up in the children's amusement area, and the washing basin and foot washing facilities have been set up around it. Lighting increased pole lights, convenient for the public to play at night. It is reported that after the children's play area is open, other modifications will be completed in August.

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