Chongqing Happy Valley Wooden Coaster

- Feb 05, 2018 -

The wooden coaster in Chongqing happy valley was built near the mountain. It has a total length of more than 1km and runs at a speed of nearly 100km per hour, which is more thrilling than a typical steel roller coaster.


The wooden coaster, made of the United States southern pine, spliced through the force calculation of science. It uses anticorrosive, anti-moth treatment to ensure its safety based on the climate characteristics of Chongqing.


In the course of the ride, it almost vertical dive, alternating current weightlessness. Everyone can experience one by one, and also enjoy the unique scenery of the park. It is very exciting to think about it!


The head of chongqing's happy valley told jiang xiaomei that there were two trains on the wooden roller coaster. One of the trains, the body is red, a total of 12, 24 seats. And the other train, the modelling will be more chic, the whole body is cyan, the head is the snake type.


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