Construction Method Of Ferris Wheel

- Jul 07, 2017 -

The construction technology and method of the Ferris wheel structure should be specified according to the concrete structure form and the field condition. At present, the construction method of the built Ferris wheel structure can be summed up as following 3 kinds.

Ground assembling and integral hoisting method

The wheel rim steel structure of the Ferris wheel is machined and assembled in the factory, and then the rim is assembled into the whole, then the internal rigid truss truss support or the flexible cable cable system is connected, and finally the whole hoisting is in position. The British "Eye of London" adopted the construction method, the steel pipe truss of the flange is divided into 3 sections in the factory to be finished, transported to the site, assembled into the whole, then the inner cable of the flange is installed and tensioned, the prestress is introduced, and the structure of the disc structure and the supporting tower frame is formed, then the whole structure is hoisted.

The ground assembling, the whole hoisting method is advantageous to the steel structure installment, the installment accuracy is easy to guarantee, but the Ferris wheel structure scale and the weight generally big, therefore needs the larger construction site and the strong hoisting ability.

Center Rotation Installation Method

Center Rotation installation method, refers to the support tower and the axle installation in place, with the tower set up the working platform, or use the hoisting system from the center to the periphery to install the Ferris wheel structure system, in some small and medium-sized Ferris wheel installation Project Application more.

Vertical Surface Rotation Installation method

Vertical surface Rotation installation method, refers to the support tower and the axle installation in place, the use of temporary rigid spokes to promote the section flange and cable rotation installation construction method. The vertical rotating installation method is also divided into one-side rotating installation method and two-sided rotating installation method, which is applicable to the flexible Ferris wheel structure system which relies on the cable cable to provide centripetal force, which has been used in Tianjin Tsz Hai Bridge ferris wheel structure.

Vertical surface Rotating installation method can avoid a large number of aerial work, the risk is low, but the need for a larger traction power system and good braking system, especially on both sides of the rotating installation method also need to do special treatment of the Ferris Wheel Center wheel.

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