Deputy Director Of The Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau Sun Chunlei Came To The Factory For Investigation

- Jan 28, 2019 -

The Deputy Director of the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, Sun Chunlei, led the research team to Taizhou to carry out the "big visit and implementation" research activities. During the investigation, Sun Chunlei and his party went to the grassroots enterprises to understand the truth and help solve the problems on the spot.

When Guohui Mechanic Producing Taizhou Co., Ltd., when the research team learned that it was inconvenient for the company to handle the special equipment in other provinces and cities, the research team said that the provincial quality supervision bureau will further increase the support for the special equipment manufacturing units in the province.

The enterprise put forward the difficulties encountered in the work. For example, the inspection work of large-scale amusement facilities was seasonal, the number of qualified inspection units was small, and the number of inspection personnel could not meet the problems of timely inspection requirements of enterprises.

Sun Chunlei said that the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau will actively reflect the actual needs of enterprises to the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and request the General Administration to revise relevant safety technical specifications. The Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau will also strengthen the optimization and integration of internal resources, increase the number of inspectors, and effectively solve the problem of large inspections of large-scale amusement facilities and untimely inspections.


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