Dezhou City Will Build The Highest Ferris Wheel In North China

- Feb 24, 2018 -

Recently, Dezhou City will build the highest ferris wheel in North China .It  vowed to build a tourist city with a new city card. "Ferris Wheel "has become the hottest keyword of Dezhou in 2018.

Speaking of ferris wheel, I am afraid we are no stranger to it.Nowadays,ferris wheel springs up just like those grand theaters, galleries and majestic sculpture on the square.A city needs the essential things to indicate its connotation. On the New Year's Eve by the River Thames, people gathered here to greet the bell of Big Ben. Then The crowds turned their attention to the "London Eye," across from Big Ben, where a spectacular fireworks show will be staged on the Ferris wheel. As a city landmark, the "London Eye" is successful with an endless stream of tourists. Every day, more than 15,000 tourists board the ferris wheel at a cost of £ 26 / person to see London in the 135-meter-high sky.

Ferris wheel has become a metropolitan necessities.It is no longer part of the playground, but a city landmark that big city attracts huge tourist resources. In fact, most of the world's ferris wheel is not built in the playground , but in the city center as the city's business card.

In addition to the powerful "celebrity effect", what can the ferris wheel bring to the city? That is a huge tourism industry.Tourism promotes local employment and a steady flow of tourists means the promotion of urban economic prosperity -One of the deadly attractions is that it has the potential benefits of boosting urban soft power and improving the connotation of the city .Now it seems to be that a city that wants to showcase its vitality and ensure its international status should have a beautiful, grandiose ferris wheel.


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