Ferris Wheel On The Bridge - The Tientsin Eye

- Dec 20, 2017 -


The Tientsin Eye is a ferris wheel across the Haihe River, about 120 meters high, which is one of the most famous landmarks in Tianjin. Every night when the lights turn on, countless tourists will come here to take a panoramic view or take a ride, enjoy a different kind of romance.


The Tientsin Eye has a diameter of 110 meters and has 48 transparent gondolas. There are 8 seats in each gondola, while 384 people can visit at the same time. It takes about 28 minutes for the wheel to rotate in a round. When it reaches the top, the surrounding landscape can be seen in a panoramic view, and even within 40 kilometers of the surrounding landscape.


Ferris wheel currently operated at 9:30 am every day ,util the tickets sold out. Tourists will be lined up in a long queue in holidays. The price for the tickets is 10 dollar. You can also spend 60 dollar to book a gondola. Each gondola is equiped with a air-condition. 


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