Firefighting Safety Training With Guohui Amusement Rides

- Dec 07, 2018 -

微信图片_20181210153113微信图片_20181210153113In response to the recent number of corporate fire safety accidents across the country, the city industry associations have played a service role. In order to do a good job in fire prevention and control, we will earnestly enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency of fire protection work in all enterprises, departments and responsible departments, and comprehensively consolidate the grassroots. The basis of fire protection work, highlighting the investigation and rectification of key places and key parts, formulating practical plans, and making hidden dangers and basic work "two hands and two hands hard", and earnestly do a good job in fire safety. On December 4th, “2018 Enterprise Fire Safety Training” was held in Guohui Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. This training invited the staff of the Fire Department Supervision Department of Taizhou Fire Brigade, Cao Jianjun, to give a lecture. 220 people from Guohui Amusement Equipment Company attended the training.

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