Guohui Company Developed A New Amusement Park Ride - Rotary Drop Tower

- Dec 15, 2018 -

      Rotary drop tower, also known as gyro drop tower, one of the indispensable rides in the amusement park. In the past, the traditional drop tower could only be lifted in a straight line. Nowadays, the rotary drop tower developed by Guohui Company  has a 360° rotary lifting function. It is more fun,let the tourists scream and keep on lingering! This amusement park rides is 23 meters high. The drop tower ride stands in the amusement park and attracts tourists far away.

     The seat of this theme park rides is double-insurance, and the manual insurance is more comfortable and the pneumatic insurance is safer. This park rides instantly lifts the visitors to a height of 20 meters, and instantly "falls back" to the ground, and comes back and jumps to give visitors unlimited excitement and happiness. The design of the park rides lighting is bold and avant-garde.


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