Guohui Mechanic's Project--South Anhui Pearl Ferris Wheel

- Jan 18, 2018 -

"South Anhui Pearl" is built in the Newport International City at the summit of Tongshan Mountain, which is currently the first cantilevered Ferris wheel in Asia, and is the landmark building of Xuancheng and even the entire Southern Anhui province. The diameter of Ferris wheel is 58 meters, a total of 28 cabins, which can accommodate 168 people sightseeing. Different from the traditional Ferris wheel, trourists can take up to 60 meters-full transparent-high speed elevator, and go through the 60-meter-wide transparent glass bridge, feel the visual and sensory double stimulation. It takes only five minutes to walk to the amusement park through the leisure walk, and a vertical sightseeing lift can reach the top of the mountain and experience the ferris wheel.


When the cabin rises to the highest point, we can see the panorama of Xuancheng and main peak of Jingting Mountain, overlooking wuhu and nanling urban areas through the transparent door."South Anhui Pearl", located at 140m Tongshan Mountai, is the first of its kind in China because of its challenging overhang and sloping design concept.


Stand on top of the mountain! At this time, the new harbor international city is like a beautiful picture, let people linger.The most special is that the Ferris wheel with Rainbow-like seven-color at night, blurred gorgeous in the night sky, in different light and pattern,  with the atmosphere of each time node, build more sweet and romantic effect, make the name of "pearl" in the south of Anhui more worthy of the name.


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