How Does Investor Avoid Homogenous Competition Of Indoor Children's Playground

- Nov 28, 2017 -

There is a common misconception When choosing a project in the indoor children's playground. Once investor sees a novel project, experiences, feels good, makes purchase decision right away. When the project is in operation, it can't achieve the desired effect. The main reason is that operators often fall into this "subjective" trap, while ignoring the real theme is children and not focusing on their interests. So today, Guohui Mechanic, a large amusement rides manufacturer, analyzes how to avoid homogenization competition.

Firstly:it must be bright and bright

For color, adults like simple color match, but the children are generally interested in bright colors. Some investors in order to make indoor children's playground look more high-end, they like using simple but elegant color widely.The children's playground is often just to meet their own need, but does not fit the children's aesthetic. In the eyes of the children, only bright and bright colors can create a strong visual impact on them and arouse their interest in playing.


Secondly:it must be fun and fun

If the amusement equipment is too monotonous, it is not possible to arouse the interest of the children. Children will not be willing to play again. Such rides are difficult to form sustained consumption. Fun and fun rides are often used to keep children happy.


Thirdly:it's best to have cartoon characters.

If children like an animated cartoon, they like everything associated with this cartoon. If you add a few kids' favorite cartoon characters, it's natural to boost children's liking.


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