How To Better Classify And Manage Amusement Equipment

- Jul 07, 2017 -

Classify by size

Children's rides are large, medium and small. When you manage to maintain these rides every day, you can sort by size. Large can be put behind, small equipment in general maintenance management is very fast, this can save a lot of time for administrators.

Classification based on age of Use

The use of amusement equipment for a long time, a variety of problems came out. Screw loosening, lubricating oil does not work, host wear and so on, do not underestimate these problems, they are very important. The administrator can categorize the length of time used by various amusement devices. The longer the use of recreational equipment, the more problems, the more trouble maintenance management. According to the above mentioned according to the size of the volume, so the classification to manage the amusement equipment is not much easier.

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