Jiaxing Ferris Wheel Opened

- Dec 25, 2017 -

On Dec 23th, Jiaxing Ferris Wheel launch ceremony officially began. The Giant ferris wheel slowly rotates, signifying the steady pace of the city's development. So far 100 meters Ferris Wheel in Jiaxing joy world officially began to serve the tourists of jiaxing and even the whole country. A number of lucky citizen were invited to "have a try" and become the first passengers after the Ferris wheel started. With the help of the staff, people calmly stepped into the gondola, overlooked the city scenery and felt the beauty of life. 


The 100m ferris wheel in Jiaxing Joy World is known as "The Jiaxing Eye", the unique height determines the vast landscape. As the Ferris Wheel slowly rise, the beauty of the landscape finally revealed its whole view. The beauty of nature and human creations match each other perfectly. It is indeed a unique scenic spot in Jiaxing Joy World.


The 100m Ferris wheel officially put into use, providing a new perspective and platform for visitors to enjoy the Jiaxing Joy world, filling in the gaps in Jiaxing Ferris wheel project. As a new landmark building in Jiaxing, Jiaxing Ferris Wheel enrich citize's life.


Jiaxing Ferris Wheel official opening focus of the city's attention, which has injected new vitality  for the commercial development of the city of Jiaxing. The ferris wheel will be the new business card that opens the door for the tourism industry. It can attract millions of tourists every year. It will also improve the quality of people's life.


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