Liaocheng Water City Eye Ferris Wheel

- Jan 05, 2018 -

Liaocheng "Water City Eye" Ferris wheel is located in the south bank of Dongchang Lake, a national 4A grade scenic spot. It is the administrative and business center in the southern part of Liaocheng City. The total construction area is 80,000 square meters. There are 14 floors above ground.


The total height of the Ferris wheel is 168m and its diameter is 133m. A total of 42 gondolas are installed in the Ferris wheel, each can carry by six people. The ferris wheel can carry 252 people.It is the only cable-stayed Ferris wheel in China that integrates with architecture. It is one of the three largest Ferris wheel in Asia, but also the world's first landmark building combined with a ferris wheel in the city


Liaocheng "Water City Eye" Ferris wheel is so beautiful, amazing.


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