Looking At The Attributes Of Amusement Park

- Oct 07, 2017 -

The amusement park is solidly part of the national experience as a pleasure of the multitudes, and has been many things to many people— escape, fantasy, otherworldliness, illusion, drama, total theater, spectacle; a safety zone of enjoyment, absurdity and release from the habits, norms and rules of everyday life.

The dangerous, the absurd, the erotic, the hilarious and the weird invite the participant into a world of role-playing and the glories of play in its purest form, in modes both ancient and futuristic.

A study - Patron Assessments of Amusement Park Attributes found that consumers' perceptions of product features is influenced by the context of the features: both the absolute and relative importance of features in overall attractiveness and satisfaction appear to be contextual. Core conditions amusement parks must meet are cleanliness and the presence of nice scenery; water rides and roller coasters are also important, as is an uncrowded family atmosphere.

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