Nanning's First Ferris Wheel Will Turn Out Of History

- Dec 21, 2017 -

A large truck loaded with steel frame slowly pulled out of Nanning People's Park.Nanning's first ferris wheel was demolished after 10 years of "service",which is full of sweet memories for the citizen.


The Reporter came to People's Park and saw that the gondola on the big Ferris wheel had disappeared and the main support still stood in its original position. Five or six workers were cutting the steel pipe dismantled from the Ferris wheel. According to the contractor responsible for dismantling the Ferris wheel, Ferris wheel has been sold as scrap iron.


Known as the highest in the Nanning at that moment, the Ferris wheel was invested more than 0.8 million US dollar.It is 40 meters high and started operation in 2007 ,which has now been in service for over 10 years. Liu Jin Shuo Said after the Ferris wheel has been tested  in 2015, it had extended the useful life of 6 years. Due to the expiration of the contract with the park, the investor decided to dismantle the Ferris wheel.


The disassembly of the Ferris wheel, weighing about 100 tons, is not easy. It takes more than 20 days to completely demolish and remove the Ferris wheel, and the area where the Ferris wheel is located will be restored to green.


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