Normal Amusement Park Rides Manufacturer In China

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Nowadays,more and more people like to go to amusement park to have a funny time. In the rapid development of the entertainment industry today, how to choose amusement park rides manufacturers, how to ensure the quality and safety of equipment is particularly important.

In China, a normal company depends on whether the manufacturer has the Manufacture License of Special Equipment.If a company produce without the certification ,it is illegal and the product quality can't be guaranteed . 


There is another certification --Installation,Alteration,Repair and Maintenance License of Special Equipment.If Company install,alter,repair and maintain without the certification,too many troble will occurs.

安装改造维修许可证 001.jpg

Besides,some unscrupulous businesses exist that someone recycles a second-hand equipment and refurbishment it for sale so that they can make a large profit. 

For these,buyers can visit the factory to see the  production scale and require manufacturers to provide the relevant qualification certificates.

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