Outdoor Large-scale Ferris Wheel Temperature Effect Gradually Attracts Attention

- Mar 08, 2019 -

In addition to considering permanent loads and variable loads, the design of outdoor large-scale Ferris wheels should also consider the impact of special loads such as earthquakes and temperature on the overall structure.


     The main loads that the Ferris wheel is subjected to during normal operation include permanent load, live load, cable pre-tension, ice load, wind load, seismic load, etc. The Ferris wheel calculates and analyzes these loads during design. As the height of the outdoor large-scale Ferris wheel in the world is constantly being refreshed, higher requirements are placed on the structural design of the Ferris wheel. Structural strength, stiffness, stability and reliability are important factors that must be considered when designing the Ferris wheel.


    The thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes is a basic property that exists in most natural objects. A large number of studies on the theory of temperature effects of structures or components at home and abroad have shown that the temperature effect of large steel structures cannot be ignored. Although the temperature has little effect on the general steel structure, it has a great influence on the super-large steel structure. It needs to calculate the deformation caused by the temperature stress and temperature during the design. Therefore, for the large flexible Ferris wheel structure, the temperature effect band The impact must be considered. At present, many large-span structural designs have studied the temperature effects in detail.

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