Pakistan Customers Visited Guohui Factory In Taizhou

- Jan 14, 2019 -

Pakistan customers with 4 people together visited our Guohui factory in Taizhou on Dec 26th 2018.  They discovered how Guohui runs factory. including our strict quality control, R&D and amusement rides production line.

Guohui factory situates in the economic development zone in Hailing district of Taizhou City.  the facility is a complex with a total of 60 acre land and an annual production capacity of 2000 rides.

 Our guests were impressed by the state-of-the-art industrial production line with several quality checkpoints, ensuring high quality, production efficiency, flexibility and, above all, a superior finished product.

The visitors also met the dedicated R&D team , Cabin workshop,  painting wokshop, large training room and outdoor green zone for Guohui employees to enjoy, making it a both functional and pleasant workspace.

The factory tour strengthened our customer’ trust in our production and quality control and solidified their confidence in the Guohui amusement rides. 


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