Quality Meeting Of Guohui Company

- Mar 06, 2019 -

This is the first quality meeting of Guohui in 2019. The chairman of the board of directors asks the responsible persons of various departments to attend the meeting, clarifies the main duties of the responsible persons of each department, and requires the responsible person of the corresponding department to manage the internal work of the department. Form a good habit of mutual communication and mutual help. If there are problems, everyone will negotiate and resolve them.

The meeting clearly pointed out the quality objectives of our company in 2019:

1. The production department should regularly train workers on technical and quality awareness to ensure that frontline workers are skilled and have good quality awareness.

2. The quality inspection department shall complete inspection of each process, each component and each set of equipment to ensure that all equipment meets the factory acceptance criteria.

3. The supply department must conscientiously do a good job in the procurement of raw materials to ensure that the materials purchased meet the production requirements and production arrangements.

4. The technical department shall instruct all relevant departments to carry out production and construction in accordance with all design drawings.

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