Reasons For The Difficulty In Renting Amusement Equipment

- Jul 07, 2017 -

From both sides of the business and rental, we can gain benefit from the mutual benefit and mutually beneficial cooperation. Why is there a very small number of successful cases that seem to have great market potential? In fact, this seems to win the cooperation of the way there are great limitations and constraints. Zhengzhou Children's Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. Today from the operation and rental of two sides to consider to discuss the amusement equipment rental difficult reasons.

I. Lessee

The lessee wants to use amusement equipment to rent the way is nothing more than two reasons: first, the limitation of investment, the second is the limitation of operating time. First, the limitation of investment is to take into account that the purchase of recreational equipment capital investment is larger, while the use of leasing means less money. Operating time restrictions are also operators want to use the leasing method, such as large-scale activities or exhibitions, the time generally between a few days to half a month, the purchase of equipment is a short operating time, the risk of investment recovery is greater, the second is the management of equipment after the bad treatment. The limitation is that the leasing side is hard to find and the factory or individual willing to lease the equipment is less; second, the cost of installation and transportation is higher.

II. Leasing party

Leasing party generally for the pleasure equipment manufacturer or have idle equipment, but the factory generally do not do recreational equipment rental, because of the rental equipment to go through the wear and tear and running loss of transport, and then want to sell out of the words must also be necessary to carry out testing and renovation, outweigh the benefits; generally willing to do leasing is the hand has idle second-hand amusement equipment, but the resources are few.

Therefore, the amusement equipment rental still has a long way to go, there is no leasing side of the phenomenon is the biggest obstacle, I believe that there will be more people in contact with the industry and join in, can solve the amusement equipment rental difficult situation.

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