Ride On A Roller Coaster In A Subway

- Dec 13, 2017 -

Can you imagine the feeling of riding a roller coaster in a smooth subway? Recently, A group of lucky passengers became the first people to ride on a roller coaster in the subway in Nanchang.On the Nanchang Metro Line 2, workers were carefully debugging VR equipment, waiting for the first group of passengers.


Then, the amazing thing happened that passengers seemed to be in the fantasy space in Nanchang Wanda Paradise by wearing VR devices, and experienced the highest roller coaster.Whether you were standing or sitting, you can feel the subduction from the height of 77 meters on the subway. In this process, you can not only experience the speed and excitement of Nanchang Wanda Park roller coaster, but also 360°view Fantasy landscape of Wanda Paradise.


Panorama space visual + VR 3D visual experience, subway noisy + VR experience scream, subway shaking + VR rapid flip experience, all of which make people pleasantly surprised again and again, which is the first in Nanchang and even in China.


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