Roller Coaster Maintenance Man: Working At The Height Of 38.5 Meters Everyday

- Jan 10, 2018 -

The exciting roller coaster is a perennial favorite in amusement parks. Zhuzhou Fantawild Amusement Park "Jungle Flying Dragon", all-wooden roller coaster, is one of the three longest roller coaster in the world. The total length of track is 1314 meters, the speed is nearly 100 kilometers per hour. Falling from 38.5m high,  let the tourist experience the roller coaster. But you know, behind all this, it is the maintenance personnel who go through the roller coaster every day, repeatedly checking and debugging, to ensure the safety and joy of tourists.


At 6:00 am, Huang began his morning work. As the head of the safety inspection of the "Jungle Flying Dragon" roller coaster, Huang's job is to carry out his routine inspection and maintenance of the project to ensure its safe operation. The daily inspection of "Jungle Flying Dragon" is divided into morning inspection and night inspection. The main task of early detection is to check the roller coaster's track.


There are three commanding heights in this "Jungle Flying Dragon", each of which is the focus of maintenance. With a hammer, spanner and a tape,Huang climbed the 38.5 meter roller coaster. After reaching the commanding heights, he started a series of activities  such as orbital flaw detection, screwing and measuring of gauge. He was calm and consistent throughout the whole process. He told reporters that he was afraid of heights when he first did the job. He had to force himself to get over it, and he got used to it. Now, he sometimes even enjoys the feeling of having a "small mountain view".


There are 52 inspection and maintenance subjects, except for a small number of items that need to be measured. Most of the items need to be visually tested and listened to, and the senses can be used to determine whether they are abnormal or not. This is the most rigorous assessment of the experience and skills of a maintenance man, and Huang has always been able to lead his team to complete the task in high quality.


Then Huang must continue to inspect the park so that any emergency can be solved in time. Until 3:00 PM, Huang Chenggang was able to rest assured that his colleagues in the evening shift to work.


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