Roller Coaster Stuck,tourists Walked From 65 Meters High To Escape

- Dec 02, 2017 -

A thrilling scene was staged in a roller coaster in Taiwan. As the rides were stuck in the air, tourists were forced to walk down the safe path from a height of 65 meters.The tourists were so shocked and the spectator were dizzy.


According to the report, the G5, a popular roller coaster in Yunlin Amusement park, was suddenly stuck at the top at 3:40 PM, and the 14 tourists were frightened. It was only a minute later, the evacuation began. A row of tourists at a height of 65 meters walked step by step along the amusement ladder.Although staff were guiding, trourists go to the ground by their own courage.


It took more than one hour after the accident, and the situation was ruled out in 5:10. The park staff explained that the roller coaster was because "the sensor in the rising zone has a little abnormality, so it stopped automatically when it reached the top."


The total length of the roller coaster is 381m, with 110 kilometers per hour, beyond the limit of 5G acceleration of gravity of human body. 

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