Springs Park Ferris Wheel To Be Demolished

- Jan 16, 2018 -

As an earlier Ferris wheel in Jinan, the "Ferris wheel" in Quancheng Park is a memory of countless citizens and children. Recently, other recreational facilities in the park have been removed, and the ferris wheel should be removed?


On the morning of January 15, machinery roared in the Springs Park playground and workers were tearing down ancillary facilities under the Ferris wheel, and other amusement facilities in the playground were demolished.


Children's favorite "Jumping Car", "Space Travel" and other amusement rides leave only a ruin. And "haunted house", "rare animal house" and so on have also been razed to the ground, replaced by a piece of dust net.


The reporter saw the ticket office under the ferris wheel affixed with a blank sheet of paper. It said: the contract expired and it was closed.


Next to a piece of Springs Park pipeline signs, it is written:  all the amusement projects of children's park in Springs park have been set to expire, and now the amusement project is updated and adjusted.

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