The Classification Of Carousel

- Dec 15, 2017 -

As one of the most popular amusement rides, carousel is deeply loved by children and adults. With the continuous expansion of market demand,the category of carousel are becoming more and more.According to its appearance, carousel can be divided into five main types: backyard carousel, small carousel, ocean carousel, antique carousel and double decker carousel.Guohui Machanic will introduce the five kinds of carousel for you. 


Backyard Carousel

Backyard carousel covers a very small area. It fits in a backyard or a small space. If installed in the backyard, children can enjoy the fun of childhood without leaving the house. A family of three can also enjoy a pleasant time by riding on backyard carousel.


Small Carousel

There are two kinds of small carousel. One is coin operated small carousel, another is with music box. Both two carousel are popular with children for its lovely appearence.


Ocean Carousel

Ocean carousel is a new type of carousel rides. It replaces traditional carousel horse with a variety of sea creatures. The celling is also decorated with marine life. The whole color of the ocean carousel is blue which reveals the theme of oceans.


Antique Carousel

Antique carousel is a classic amusement rides. It is a great work of art which has the sense of history. As time passed, it becomes more and more precious. It is a place for people to gather and meet, just as it was several centuries ago. 


Double Decker Carousel

Double decker carousel rides has two floors. It can be designed for 36 seats or 48 seats.2/3 carousel horses are placed on the first floor while 1/3 carousel horses will be placed at the second floor. It is suitable for large park. 

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