The Development History Of Ferris Wheel

- Jul 07, 2017 -

The first Ferris wheel was designed by American 乔治·法利士 (George Washington Ferris) in 1893 for the Columbus Memorial Exposition in Chicago, with the aim of building a higher Paris tower with Paris at the 1889 Exposition. The first Ferris wheel weighs 2200 tons, can ride 2160 people, the height is equal to 26 floors. As a result of Falis's achievements, people will later call this facility "the great Wheel of France" (Ferris wheel), the familiar Ferris wheel.

The Vienna Ferris Wheel is a 19th century Ferris wheel which has survived so far and is still operating. It was erected in 1897 at the Rapid (second district) Pratt playground in Vienna, Austria, and was built for the jubilee celebrations of Emperor 弗朗茨·约瑟夫 I, which was 64.75 metres high. In 1920, after the demolition of the Paris Ferris wheel, the Vienna Ferris wheel became the world's tallest Ferris wheel. Burned in 1944 during World War II and rebuilt the following year, the world's tallest Ferris wheel remained in place until it was Zhubo by Japan in 1985 (85 m).

Once the world's largest ferris wheel of the throne for some time, is located in the Thames, R. of the British Airways London Eye (BA London Eye), is a total of up to 135 meters from the Ferris wheel, but also a view of the Ferris wheel this type of design pioneer. However, the world's first position has been broken after the completion of the Nanchang star in Nanchang, the People's Republic of China, and its opening in March 2006, the Nanchang Star is a 160-metre-high gravity ferris wheel.

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