The Importance Of Ferris Wheel Structure For Safety

- Jan 25, 2019 -

Ferris wheel as a large outdoor amusement facilities, is becoming more and more popular, especially for its leisure and sightseeing. At the same time, its security is also of great concern. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the safety factor of ferris wheel and understand its structure.

This article will briefly describe the above characteristics of ferris wheels so as to stress the issues of safely and security.

Ferris wheels are generally composed of three parts: wheel structure, driving system and supporting structure. At the same time, these three parts also have their own characteristics.

Take the wheel structure as an example, it mainly has the form of rigidity, flexibility and combination of rigidness and softness. The rigid structure mainly refers to the use of truss structure system in the structural construction of wheel disc, which makes the construction of wheel disc more convenient. The form of flexible structure refers to that the roulette wheel mainly adopts the steel cable system, which is also the development and application trend of high strength cable. The roulette wheel of ferris wheel gradually adopts the steel cable system, which further avoids the complex feeling of a large number of levers and makes the structure look lighter. And the form of rigid and flexible combination refers to the turntable structure with cables as the main, and then combined with a certain number of truss, add rigid material.

    With the development of ferris wheel structure technology, steel cable system and the system that cable and truss want to combine are gradually adopted. In addition, in the drive system from the previous electrical drive, gradually began to use hydraulic drive. The development of these structural forms further improves the safety factor of ferris wheel and reduces the operation cost.

With the rapid development of large-scale entertainment facilities in recent years, people are pursuing excitement, leisure and entertainment while the ferris wheel is developing towards a larger diameter and a higher height. Therefore, the research on the safety of ferris wheel structure, construction requirements will be more contemporary significance.

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