The Knowledge Needed To Know About Sightseeing Trains

- Jan 24, 2018 -


There are various kinds of small train rides, which knowledge do you need to know when the

sightseeing train is in operation?

1.The necessary marketing knowledge. To make sightseeing small train passenger flow constantly, owner have to introduce a series of propaganda policy. You can work out the corresponding activities and paradise promotion plan according to the market forecast and consumer psychology, combined with the feature of your park.

2. We must be familiar with their own paradise products, such as the characteristics of sightseeing trains, the notes when riding a samll train. Be familiar with the build-in projects of each products and the products quality, make preparations for the future.

3.To do a good job of daily maintenance. It is beneficial to extend the service life of sightseeing small train. What we should do is to avoid that sightseeing small train can not run due to trouble in the peak. As an operator you have to carry out regular maintenance and inspection.

4. Understanding relevant laws and regulations, such as which amusement rides is not allowed by national laws. Read relevant materials about economic laws, labor laws and social security and health, fire fighting to ensure that the children's playground safety and security.

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