The Notes About Riding On A Roller Coaster

- Dec 18, 2017 -

Christmas Day will come, the playground will be crowded.The roller coaster is the first choice for young people. But what shall be noted when riding on a roller coaster?

Guohui Mechanic specializes in various types of roller coaster. Guohui Mechanic reminds you to take some security measures when riding on a roller coaster.

1. To prevent the cervical spine injury, the head and neck should be lean on the head pad, do not move.

2. The more high-speed the roller coaster is, the more the concussion is. Hand catching handle firmly can reduce the magnitude of the body to throw away.

3. Your back leaned on the back of chair can reduce the pain of the lower extremities.

4. Don't wear jewels when riding on a roller coaster, because these items can cause other damage after falling off.

5. Some protective measures can be done when riding, such as neck sleeve.


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