The Requirements About Maintain Large-scale Amusement Equipment

- Jan 06, 2018 -

In recent years, the amusement industry has developed rapidly. Not only small amusement devices, such as bumper cars, but also Ferris wheel are very popular with tourists. So how to maintain large-scale products?

1. Before maintenance, we must first ensure that the device strictly implement the relevant national standards, meet the requirements and are in the period of use so as to  provide visitors with a stimulating experience better. If more than the required use years, it must be  timely updated or remoulded. We can put it into use again after passing the supervision and inspection.

88m MH.jpg

2. In order to have a better maintenance effect, the relevant technical staff need to have a specific understanding of large-scale amusement equipment  including the common problem and how to solve the problem .


3.Because the equipment covers  larger area,the maintenance staff shouldn’t  be less than two people. And it is necessary to implement safety precautions actively.The maintenance staff  should  find anomalous timely and give effective solutions.

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